Professional Services

Host your business with us, we’ll provide all of the professional services for rapid deployment.

Our fully automated server platform is the ideal base to kick off your business. Not only do you get the benefit of a fully automated platform via API, but one that affords you total transparency and complete control. You can always deliver on your promise of peak performance when you partner with us.

Our platform is the perfect opportunity for you to build on and resell some or all of Xband Enterprises unique services as if they were yours. Plus you don’t have the additional responsibility of buying and maintaining hardware. We will work closely with you to manage your operations.

Complete automation, control, operations and scalability

Xband Enterprises Inc’s entire platform is completely automated and controlled by a combination of API, web portal and mobile apps, so that you automate your entire operations and be in complete control of it entirely.

Professional Services around the World
Experience us around the world

With over 46 data centers, 16 Private Points of Presence (PoPs) and 220 network points of presence worldwide, we are linked by a private high-speed private network with connectivity of over 2,000Gbps, all so that you get a global footprint all your own.

Let us help you grow
Let us help you grow

Our over 100,000 servers under management and more and a lack of long-standing contracts, you can get the servers and applications you want whenever you need them and for the duration required.

24x7 phone, email and ticket support
24×7 phone, email and ticket support

Our expert technical support team renders confidence-building support which can help you create your own business.

Discounts and benefits
Discounts and benefits

Through Xband Enterprises Inc’s reseller program, you can get large volume discounts and more benefits that percolate to hosting resellers all the way.

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