Private Cloud Solutions

Build and enjoy using your own private cloud.

If the public cloud does not meet your security requirements, a dedicated private cloud is the solution. Enjoy their reliability and consistent high performance with ever-growing scalability.

Stay exclusive with your own cloud private cloud
Stay exclusive with your own cloud

Don’t allow the performance of your cloud be affected by users of public clouds. This could happen if another user on a public cloud uses more than his fair share of resources, thereby affecting your access to compute and store necessary resources. Instead, enjoy the exclusivity, flexibility and scalability of your own private cloud, without the worry of others encroaching on your space.

Simplify Web App Development and Deployment

Rise to the occasion whenever demand increases, scale up as you need to and make the most of your resources in your own cloud space. With your private cloud, you have a leaner and more efficient infrastructure, rather than the traditional heavyweight and computer-heavy one because it evens out your workload well across the entire infrastructure.

Get Started Quickly

You can create your private cloud in a few easy steps. By selecting the hardware infrastructure and deploying the kind of virtualization software you need for your cloud computing hypervisor can start using your private cloud. In just a few hours, you can add on new host servers to your cloud environment and create virtual servers in real time. Be agile to traffic spikes in peak season, and scale down during slow periods.

Grow across nations

As you ramp up your hardware footprint to build more cloud zones in different data centers all over the world, they will communicate freely and safely using our private network. Since your private cloud is hosted on the Xband Enterprises platform, all you need do is to add any of our range of products or services to your cloud environment by clicking your mouse—ranging from network appliances to firewalls to big data solutions and external storage options.

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