Cloud Security

Security applied strategically can help you risk-proof your cloud.

Cloud Security isn’t just what you do when your business needs to comply with regulations. Security in a hybrid cloud environment must be continuously managed, monitored and maintained in order to protect the integrity of your corporate and client confidential data.

You could put yourself at risk by letting even the smallest and seemingly harmless security lapses remain. Your data, uptime, customer information and your company’s reputation could all be on the line. Choose to protect your cloud data with the best security services.

Cloud Security is Paramount in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Individual networks

Separate your private, public and management traffic across well-defined networks.

Security Options

Plethora of options

Meet your specialized cloud security needs by selecting from our vast array of hardware and software security options.

End-to-End Security Solutions


Our cloud security solutions help you create your own customized comprehensive strategy.

Create a Multi-layer Security Strategy

Multi-layer Security Strategy
Physical and Operational Security

In the cloud, there can be many points of entry or attack for malicious activity. SoftLayer provides a wide range of security options for you to choose from, so you can protect your infrastructure with multiple, overlapping layers of protection customized to your needs and interests.

Network Security
Network Security

Even the tiniest flaw can compromise your company’s network. SoftLayer’s innovative network architecture and commitment to using the most advanced hardware technologies dramatically minimize your data center and server exposure to outside threats. The network integrates three distinct and redundant architectures into our multi-tiered network topology. Systems are fully accessible to your administrative personnel but safely off-limits to others.

System, Application, and Data Security
System, Application, and Data Security

Beneath our layers of physical and network protection, your individual computing systems, applications, and data are further safeguarded by several tiers of comprehensive, standard security features. Additional hardware-assisted security options are available on demand, allowing you to customize your enterprise’s security profile based on changing requirements or client needs.

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