Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage for all-round security, reliability, redundancy and flexibility

Perhaps you’re looking for a standalone cloud storage solution or perhaps an integrated cloud storage solution based on your application requirements, or just the complementary ingredients that go into making your customized cloud storage environment. Whatever your unique need may be, at Xband Enterprises, we have it for you.

Choose the one you want–whether a large volume storage space, fast access storage, attached storage, our options are many, naturally because they need to answer your requirements for 100% security, reliability, redundancy and flexibility.

Local and Global Cloud Storage Solutions

Stay global, yet local

Install cloud storage in different parts of the world and reduce the distance your data should travel.

Highly Scalable Cloud Storage Solutions


Let your data move upwards or downwards depending on your needs seamlessly.

Highly Flexible Cloud Storage Solutions


Our storage technologies are as impressive as they are complete and suit all kinds of workloads.

Object Storage Solutions

Object Storage.

Organize and manage media, emails and images with a highly scalable storage solution based on OpenStack Swift. With pay-as-you-go pricing, get the capacity you need when you need it.

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Block Storage.

Exercise complete control over your persistent storage with iSCSI-based block storage. With up to 12TB in capacity, you can customize your storage envrionment to suit your workloads. Endurance block storage includes snapshot and replication capabilities and can be provisioned in one of three performance tiers to meet most block-level storage needs. If your high-I/O application needs more power, Performance block storage is available with up to 6,000 allocated IOPS per volume.

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Block Storage Solutions
File Storage Solutions

File Storage.

Your files deserve high performance, feature-rich NFS-based file storage. With file share capacities availble up to 12TB, Xband Enterprises on IBM Cloud file storage can be provisioned with snapshot and replication support (Endurance) or with unparalleled IOPS allocations (Performance) to meet the storage needs of even the most demanding workloads.

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Mass Storage Servers.

Get total control over a SAN or NAS solution. Deploy OS NEXUS QuantaStor turnkey solution, or customize high-capacity bare metal servers to fit your requirements.

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Mass Storage Solutions

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