Content Delivery Network

For the fastest and most reliable content delivery network in the world.

Delivering content and rich media is impressive only when it’s done in a flash, giving the best user experience. Our partners are renowned for being the fastest and most dependable content delivery networks worldwide.

Use our content delivery network to give your content visibility in 24 geographically different parts of the world. Reduce the distance your content must travel to reach your end user by using our network. Let your cloud system work to its optimal level.

Pay for Content Delivery Network usage only

Payment mode

Pay as you use our network and do not pay for unused capacity.

Scale up in network

Scale up in network

Choose your regions to grow your network and use of resources.

Be secure

Be secure

Specific tools help manage your content and its monetization.


Content Delivery Network Services is an intelligent, globally- distributed cloud platform designed to transform the Internet into an enterprise-class network while reducing infrastructure costs for providing web-based applications and services. This service provides a fast, predictable, scalable, highly available and secure network for delivering online workload to end users—anywhere and on any device. It is designed to identify and avoid problems with conventional Internet services by leveraging a globally distributed network of servers coupled with advanced intelligent routing technology.

A failover option allows customers’ dynamic content to be delivered, even when the origin site is unavailable. Content Delivery Services is provided in partnership with Akamai®, a world leader in cloud-based services. The services deliver cloud technology on an enterprise-class platform from world-wide data centers, relieving organizations of the complexity of cloud management so they can focus instead on driving business. The core values of IBM Edge Delivery Services are to make business websites operate faster and more securely. With e-commerce a crucial part of many organizations’ offerings, slow response time can cause significant loss in business revenue and can result in brand deterioration. To these core values, IBM also adds value with systems integration and other services that support world-class functionality for web applications and services.

Content Delivery Services address business concerns including:

• User experience for internal and external customers
• Protecting the integrity of the organization’s brand
• Securing business assets that traverse the Internet
• Growing the organization’s online revenue
• Reducing e-commerce site abandonment and cart abandonment
• Handling seasonal spikes in website demands
• Ensuring dealer and distributor satisfaction
• Increased functionality for partner and employee B2B portals

Content Delivery Services addresses technology concerns including:

• Enabling faster performance for the organization’s website
• Enhancing security of the website and online applications
• Improving IT manageability for quicker resolution of issues
• Reducing the time required for change management
• Avoiding downtime & performance problems while minimizing costs

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