Backup, get ready to anticipate the best, prepare to address the worst.

As much as you do to keep your data safe, anything can happen. Data corruption is a reality we must address, thus it’s best to keep your data safe by making timely backup copies.

Turnkey automatic solutions through EVault and R1Soft, in addition to enabling you to use your own products along with our virtual or bare metal server to run your own backup application.

Easy to Use Backup

Easy to Use

Initiate jobs and restores, and configure all options through a simple graphical user interface.

Automatic Backup


Set custom schedules, and target full systems, specific directories, or even individual files.

Versatile Backup


Targeting specific data in Exchange, SQLServer, Sharepoint, MSClusters.

Evault Backup

Your very own automated production to SAN.

Our impressive enterprise-level storage EVault is also adept at disaster recovery. It is hosted on an internal iSCSI mount, and open for accessing locally at each of our data centers. Our backup products are so designed that they can be set to hourly, daily, weekly or customized schedules.

R1Soft Server Backup

Our disk-to-disk backup not only goes across to several servers but is also cost-effective.

Our high performer product, R1Soft Server, offers facilities from disk-to-disk. It comes with a repository for central management and data. At block level, it safeguards your data. Individualized disk blocks on each server are stored once across all recovery points, thereby enhancing its storage efficiency.

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