Object Storage

Object Storage is optimal for organizing unstructured data.

Here, virtual machine images, email archives and media can easily be archived and managed using Xband Enterprises on IBM Cloud Object Storage facility. This storage facility is highly scalable, robust and based on OpenStack Swift.

We offer complete integration with our content delivery network, inherent SFTP, storage, retrieval and data leverage facilities the way you desire, on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can also add on the capacity you need when you require it and access it the way you want to.


Scale upward or downward whenever and wherever you desire with unlimited capacity and pay comfortably as you go.

High Availability

Objects written several times for every cluster, with self-healing capabilities to counteract drive failure.

Advanced Control

Organize your data with search, indexing and tagging facility and access to API.

Global Object Storage Capabilities

Give your data a longer reach.

Storage that seamlessly integrates with our CDN. Pair the efficiency of object storage with the performance advantages of having content delivery nodes around the world, giving your operations the storage they need and your end users the experience they deserve.

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