Big Data Solutions

Big Data – powerful, scalable high performance infrastructure.

The businesses of our times create huge amounts of data. It’s not an easy job to store such data, process it the way they want or even get the right amount of value from it. Such large volumes of data need scalable, powerful and high performance infrastructure.

You can organize your data on a cloud platform that’s high performance-oriented. Get a head start by customizing your work environment by using hardware configurations that incorporate best practices.

Big Data on Bare Metal Server for Performance Workloads

Bare Metal Power

Using this keeps you from bearing the performance costs of shared hardware in virtual set-ups.

Big Data Scalability


With bare metal, you can upscale its performance to grow with your needs.

Scale up or down your Big Data Workload

Upscale or Downscale

Choose to scale up or down, as your needs require, a maximum of four hours for configuration, deployment and comfortable pay-as-you-go pricing and no long term contracts are required.

Big Data Storage Solutions

Built to Order Solutions

Data isn’t confined to a particular database structure or software platform, so you aren’t restricted either when it comes to building your big data infrastructure on our platform. Whether you’re creating the next big thing in big data platform architecture or you’re using proprietary software to gather, store, analyze, and deliver information for your application, you’ll benefit from the power of bare metal server resources.

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Cloud vs. On-Premises IT for Big Data

Data demands scalable IT infrastructure. Traditional on-premises environments require significant capital expenditures, capacity planning, and lead-time to accommodate the massive amounts of information captured by big data applications. Use our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool to compare the costs of building your big data environment in-house or building with Xband Enterprises on IBM Cloud.

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Big Data Cloud Solutions

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