Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing performance for your cognitive business.

With the help of a powerful and flexible infrastructure provider, you can accomplish your digital marketing objectives. You can interpret consumer behavior data and develop likely outcomes in real time, and deliver an omni-channel experiences to impact the bottom-line. With DataCenterx infrastructure, you get all the control, scalability and performance you need to create that perfect environment for advertising, digital marketing and media applications.

Maximize Performance with Hybrid Cloud for Digital Marketing
Maximize Performance

Capitalize on performance with installation of bare metal servers whenever required. These are built with single to quad processors, spanning four to 16 cores. Our virtual servers are inherent with a guarantee of 2.0GHz cores and no over subscription. State your exact needs, including OS, RAM, network, storage, and anything else. Our cloud servers are built to meet the most exacting standards of our clients for content streaming, ad serving, and any of your other individual needs.

Rise to every occassion with Hybrid Cloud Digital Marketing
Rise to every occasion

Our services and servers are available in real time by means of our portal or API. This means you can get automated installations of our virtual servers, bare metal servers, load balancers, firewalls, and much more, whenever the need arises.

If you need to suddenly scale up or if a client asks for a new ad campaign, your ready Xband Enterprises Inc environment will help you reach where you need to be, even if it means handling an extra workload without warning. Every service you avail of with us is billed hourly or monthly (whichever you prefer) without getting into long-term contracts, so you pay as you go with ease.

Flawless Global Network
Flawless global network

Our network architecture is unique to the extent that it flawlessly integrates public, private and out-of-band management. Through our public network, we can provide a bandwidth of over 2,000Gbps, in addition to unmetered incoming traffic that ensures rapid and simple data transmission to global users. Our private network is the link between all Xband Enterprises on IBM Cloud data centers and points of presence for actual availability worldwide.

Total technology freedom

Get total freedom to choose the technology that is in line with your needs. Install a bare metal server, or if you need to change an app, do so by using our Flex Images technology. Use our strong API to stay in control, while also using our Command Line Interface, easy-to-use portal, or our mobile apps for Android, iOS.

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