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Get ahead with gaming solutions velocity.

Gaming Solutions for die-hard gamers, a perfect gaming experience means having fast development cycles, no lag during play and a wonderful and thrilling gaming experience. For game developers and publishers, the need of the hour is high-performance infrastructure that’s scalable and readily available. We offer one-of-its-kind benefits for gaming companies looking for high performance, fast scalability, and better overall control of their environments. Ask us about GPUs for select systems.

Unmatched Gaming Solutions Performance
Unmatched performance

You may be developing a new game or adding powerful servers to enhance your product’s overall performance so that end users can have a memorable experience. Whatever your need for servers, we can match it head-on, no matter how tough your testing, development and production demands may be. We deliver the highest performance level with a deployment of entirely customized bare metal servers and virtual servers whenever you need it.

Services and servers in real-time
Services and servers in real-time

If you want to get popular overnight as a gaming company, you’ll need to have as many servers as you need to meet your scale-up demand. Our servers and our services can be deployed in real-time through our portal or API. This means that you automatically get automated installations of our virtual servers, bare metal servers, load balancers, firewalls and much more, whenever required.

Besides, we bill our clients for use of servers and our services hourly or monthly without getting into any long-standing contracts, allowing you to adjust your payments with your needs, so you pay only for what you use.

Outstanding gaming pleasure without lag
Outstanding gaming pleasure without lag

For the maximum gaming pleasure, it’s important that lag doesn’t bog a gamer down. That’s where our worldwide reach of data centers and points of presence come into play–to ensure that your content reaches your gamer-users really fast. Xband Enterprises on IBM Cloud distinctive triple network architecture maximize all public, private and management networks.

This is made possible by our impressive public network that contains a bandwidth of more than 2,000Gbps, along with unmetered incoming traffic, that work to provide gamers with a fast and thrilling game. Our private network links servers geographically apart firmly with low latency. If you want to reach your server directly, all you need do is to link it firmly across its out of band free IPMI connections.

Freedom to create
Freedom to create

Build your own product development environment with total freedom. Choose the technology you want, install a bare metal server, and when you want to ramp up your needs, avail of our Flex Images technology to duplicate an image of it on your virtual servers. Be in total control of it through our strong API, easy-to-use Web portal, Command Line Interface, or mobile apps for Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

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