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The stage where great performances begin.

At Xband Enterprises infrastructure matters, cloud technology isn’t only a cost reduction mechanism. Cloud Technology is a competitive differentiator for how you deliver a digital experience to your clients. The hard fact is that it is sourced from physical hardware embedded in actual facilities that are connected to innumerable miles of networking cable.

At Xband Enterprises, we provide you with the best experience while architecting, implementing and provisioning of your cloud infrastructure. We offer you just one platform that can interact with the entire world of data centers that are filled with the largest variety of cloud computing options for orchestrating and automating just about everything.

Top class computing, storage and network facilities

Each of our global data centers is equipped with top-notch computing and storage facilities, apart from the best ever networking gear. All our global centers are made to the same specifications and design, all so that you get the same facilities at any part of our reach.

One management system across all networks

We are governed by just one management system whose control spans across all areas of our data centers.

We listen, advise and help 24×7

We are accessible by phone, email or ticket 24x7x365, no matter whether you want help, advice or just a ear. We are structured to be the most effective support system for the most valuable cloud platform. Speaking to our tech support system will give you the right direction, options and advice for any problem you may face, so talk to us directly at no extra cost to you.

We work at lower operating costs

You do the math. When you move your IT infrastructure to our Data Center Platform, you save thousands of dollars in operating costs. Click our tool, Comprehensive Cost to Own, and find out just what and how much infrastructure you’re going to need. Then, run a price comparison of Xband Enterprises Data Center Platform using the prices of conventional on-site implementations and see the difference.

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