Our Platform

Consider the globe your data center

A network-of-networks.
Xband Enterprises provides unmatched scalability, network management and control, this is the driving force behind why we constructed another sort of network-a network of networks. Public, private, and management traffic traverses throughout independent network interfaces, segregating and securing visitors by traffic type and streamlining management. Our world-wide network boasts more than 2,000 Gbps of connectivity interconnecting data centers and network Points of Presence (PoPs). Each Point-of-Presence has numerous 10Gbps transit connections and peering back-links to additional IP providers and local access networks.

General public Network

The public network provides all customers with over 2,000 Gbps of connectivity between the data centers and PoPs. The core public network handles public traffic to hosted websites or other public traffic resources. The public network features redundant and multi-homed connectivity with bandwidth from diverse carriers, combining more than 20 x 10 Gbps connections to create one of the industry’s fastest networks.

  • Two (2) Public Ports
  • Unmetered inbound bandwidth
  • Multiple web backbone connections
  • Automatic IP routing and management
  • Servers readily available with port up to 10Gbps
  • Geographically redundant DNS

Private Network

All Xband Enterprises data centers and PoPs are connected by our non-public IBM Cloud backbone. This private community is independent from the general public network community, and it allows you to seamlessly connect up your environment in our centers worldwide. Transfer data between data center locations over the private network at no cost and obtain the benefits of data replication, disaster recovery or update and patch servers, software package repositories, backend expert services, and much more without interfering with publicly targeted visitors.

  • Two (2) Private Ports
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Secure, customer-configurable non-public VLANs
  • Absolutely free server-to-server cross connects
  • Personal Area DNS Resolvers
  • Centralized storage assets
  • Servers obtainable with port interfaces to 10Gbps

Management Network

In addition to the public and private networks, each and every server is connected to an out-of-band administration or management network. This administration network, accessible by means of VPN, makes it possible for access to your server(s) independently of its CPU, firmware and applications for upkeep and maintenance. Accomplish OS reloads, power-cycle your server, or simply use the IPMI relationship to observe your server boot up as if you were standing in front of the console with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Gigabit port velocity
  • OS reload and OS alter servers
  • Control the ability to the server
  • Use KVM above IP

Best-in-class Network Infrastructure

Our network is constructed from best-in-class networking infrastructure, components, and software with exceptional bandwidth connectivity for the fastest speed and reliability.

  • Juniper Networks spine infrastructure
  • Cisco and Arista Networks datacenter infrastructure
  • Arbor Peakflow Website traffic Assessment
  • DDOS Safety employing multiple distributors

IPv6 Support

IBM Cloud provides native IPv6 support. Our clients are positioned to benefit from the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 networks. Our networks are not restricted because of the diminishing pool of IPv4 addresses. Additionally, our support personnel are IPv6 savvy.

Direct Connect

Xband Enterprises can accommodate your business by directly connecting to into any of our facilities to enhance security, network performance and availability.

Network Operations Center

We are committed to providing operational redundancy, our dedicated Network Operations Center workforce is staffed on-site 24x7x365 in numerous locations across the world; consistently checking the overall health of the network. Should an incident or infrastructure problem occur, our Network Operations Team will pro-actively work to remedy the event.

All Xband Enterprises services and products contain access to our technical support team through ticket, email, and telephone.

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