Cloud Networking

Direct Link

Direct Link, connect privately to enhance your network experience.

Simplify, safeguard and accelerate data transfer between your private infrastructure and your corporate locations. Enjoy unlimited and direct network performance both from and to your infrastructure.

Fast data transfer using Direct Link

Fast data transfer

Transfer data with lightning speed from your on-site data center using 1Gbps or 10Gbps network connections.

Total control

Total control

Your highly business-oriented data needs protection by exercising total control all across its netwok path.



Now, your data transfer to and from your servers in each of our data centers is more economical across your private network.

Xband Enterprises network engineers will work with you and your network service provider or colocation provider to cross-connect your router to ours, and we’ll enable a private and secure 1Gbps or 10Gbps connection to your servers across the private network.

With this connection, you’ll have unfettered access to your servers on the DataCenterx platform. And because you’re connected to our private network, all traffic across your Direct Link and between your servers does not touch the public network or interfere with your public network traffic.

Connectivity Options

Local Routing — Local Routing is the standard Direct Link connectivity. With Local Direct Link, all traffic between your network and the local IBM Cloud data center(s) is free and unmetered across the Direct Link.

Global Routing — Optional Global Routing connectivity is available for all directly connected link entry points. Global Direct Connectivity provides private network access from your network to all of our Cloud data centers around the world. With Global Routing, all ingress traffic to the data center is free and unmetered. The first 10TB of egress traffic is included at no additional cost on 1Gbps circuits, and the first 50TB of egress traffic is included at no additional cost on 10Gbps circuits.

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